Why Choose Us?

The simple answer is to save time, money and energy.


Many businesses are too busy to implement and measure effective procurement. These responsibilities often fall on personnel with limited knowledge whose time would be better spent elsewhere.

Outsourcing procurement through Smyth Lilley Associates offers clients the ability to focus on their own core competencies. Allow us to take care of your purchasing to help improve your bottom line and leave you to do what you do best – looking after your customers and increasing revenue.


  1. Allows greater spend control
  2. Improves service levels for products/services provided
  3. Relieves clients from the challenge of staffing a department and reduces operational costs:


- Holidays/sickness
– Training
– Recruitment
– Benefits package
– Capital investment


The perfect example is your business gas or electricity renewal. You only have a small window to change your energy contract. This is a pre-arranged date often months in advance of the contract end date. If you miss it, you could automatically go onto a standard rate which is often much higher than the negotiated price and could cost your business thousands! If you have a number of premises, each with different suppliers, these crucial dates could easily slip through the system and be missed.


If you spend a lot of time on it, you may be offered a better deal. However, the supplier has no obligation to tell that another company is offering the same service or product cheaper.


A familiar process busy companies could take is contact a number of suppliers, some will supply exactly what you need, and some won’t. Some will turn up, some won’t. Some will provide a quote, some won’t. Some will follow up a quote, some won’t. You get the picture!


It can be a long and arduous process, wasting time, money and energy and all you get at the end is frustration. One call to us and this can all change.


We are independent from all suppliers and work for you to ensure you get the right service. We manage the negotiation and any renewal maintaining best value for your business.


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