Our bespoke procurement service will manage each step of the process for you:

Business Utilities

Our free and impartial service will search the business energy market to find the best available Gas,Electricity or water deal factoring in your current contract status and your levels of energy consumption.  Switching is easy and working with Smyth Lilley will also allow you to reduce your Energy costs; saving as much as 60%.

Business Telecoms

We can help you set up a new business phone line or switch your existing business phone line by using our market knowledge and expertise to find the best contract.  We use our network of leading UK Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband suppliers to create a package bespoke to you and save you up to 30%.

Merchant Services

Our expertise allows us to analyse what can be very confusing statements from your Merchant Services provider and help you find the best rates available to you from our network of UK suppliers.  Many factors are taken into account including Terminal Rental, Credit Card transaction percentage, Debit Card transaction costs and PCI charges. We regularly halve or remove PCI DSS charges completely and save you up to a further 40% on rates and rentals.

Commercial Insurance

A number of premiums will be sourced from suppliers within our network. We will endeavor to get the best value policies that best meet your business insurance needs.

Ad-hoc Purchasing

A bespoke service tailored to your exact needs for any purchase that falls outside of those outlined above. We will help you with your research to find a supplier or product that you may not have needed before, or a current supplier has let you down or you just do not know where to begin. Our process starts with registered companies with accreditation authorities – simply put we will only source from companies that are professionally qualified with recommendations. This minimises your risks and increases your chance of finding the right supplier without trawling the internet or lengthy phone calls.

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Water Discounts

We are proud to announce that we have been selected to work with a small network of Business Stream agents in Scotland that is able to offer all commercial clients a discount on their annual water bill of up to 11.75%.


This discount is available to every commercial user in Scotland, even if you are an existing  Business Stream customer.


Get in touch today to find out how!



From 1st April customers will see new charges for Climate Change Levy (CCL) on their bill for Electricity and Gas consumption.  If the bill crosses the CCL rate change, both the old and new rate will be shown and the correct rate will be charged for date of usage.


Customers will only pay CCL if they use 3,000kwh or more electricity or 13,335kwhs or more gas per quarter.


New Rates:

0.524p/kWh for electricity

0.182p/kWh for gas


More information on CCL is available here





Supplier/Product Sourcing:


  • We use a network of preferred suppliers, which is regularly updated to keep our supplier list fresh and up-to-date. This allows us to continuously ensure best value for you.
  • Each supplier is vetted, recommended and/or from an accredited authority.


Contract Negotiation:


  • We combine the buying resources of all our clients to ensure the service or product provided is done so with the best price and/or value possible.
  • We will do all the following up to ensure you don’t waste time chasing people who should want your business.


Contract Management:


  • Every contract will be recorded and diarised for renewal
  • We will re-negotiate every contract on renewal to ensure best value for the next year. We will never settle for simply renewing your existing contract unless it is the best value in the market.


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